Office hours Dec 5th and 7th

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I’ll be on campus on Monday and Wednesday (Dec 5th and 7th) so if anyone wants to meet with me to discuss the project, etc., I’ll be available between 10:15am and 11:15am on both days. I have some flexibility so, if you want to meet but these times don’t work for you, then please suggest a different time.

Dominik Hose’s PhD thesis

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A while back I mentioned that I recently served on Dominik Hose’s PhD thesis committee and that some of the results I presented in lecture were taken from his thesis. More than that, Dominik’s work has greatly influenced my thinking and latest efforts on valid and efficient imprecise-probabilistic inference. Previously, I wasn’t able to post a copy of Dominik’s thesis publicly, due to some copyright-related concerns, but now apparently those concerns have been resolved. Dominik’s PhD thesis is now available here, and I strongly encourage folks interested in imprecise probability and statistical inference look over this carefully.